Ankit pineapple iPhone case (gifted) // a whole lot more of cute Ankit cases 

My iPhone has been naked, exposed, and vulnerable for far too long. I don't know why I decided to take the case off it one day. I guess I was just bored with the look - you know how it goes. Thanks to Ankit, a design house that makes your tech/home/life cuter, my phone is looking fresh and fancy! The pineapple print on my new phone case is so freaking cute! I'm kind of obsessed with pineapples right now, like the rest of the world. If (when) I feel like switching out to a new case I know exactly where to go to get my next one!   



One Teaspoon 2020 skirt // Aritzia racerback tank top // Auxilary saddle bag // Free People wide brimmed hat // Dolce Vita sandals  

I'm currently recovering from a long weekend in Vancouver, a group of us went for my sister's bachelorette party. How I'm even forming semi coherent sentences right now is a mystery to me. So I'm going to have to keep this short! Here are a few photos of this kick ass One Teaspoon skirt that is practically ripped to shreds. 



 Madewell oversized striped shirt (similar) // Aritzia johan skirt // Gorjana mika lariat necklace from Rocks Box // Steve Madden stecy heels // Rebecca Minkoff bag

Lately all my energy has been dumped into work, class, and my sister's wedding. Everything else I've let fall to the wayside. For the past month or so, I haven't felt like exercising, eating healthy, shaving my legs, doing my makeup, wearing any kind of heel no matter how small, or putting any effort into my outfits at all. Not only that, but my blog was down for weeks because I forgot to renew my domain name. OMG I was literally the worst! Enough with the pity party, I'm finally getting my shit back together. As proof, I give you an outfit post! 

This pencil skirt was working overtime back in my I'm-too-stressed-out-to-care phase. I always wore it with a plain white tee and adidas sneaks. Such a comfy outfit, I could probably sleep in it. To break out of my lazy rut, I challenged myself to wear the skirt in a completely different way. I finally put on a pair of heels and toped the outfit off with a striped shirt - unbuttoned quite scandalously - for a polished, put together look. Because if I look put together, then maybe I'll be put together.