Every summer my friend invites a group of us over to his parents' beach house to wreak havoc on the place for a weekend. Our annual trip is coming up this weekend and I can't wait to get out of the city for a few days! We always spend the first night getting drunk - typical Friday night behavior. The next morning we usually wake up hung over, and head to the beach to paddle board, chill on our floating island, and drink some more. The best part of the weekend though our big crab feast! PNW beaches are god awful for swimming, but the fresh seafood you can catch all summer long totally makes up for it. 

For a weekend full of fun and sun, I'll be packing easy and colorful pieces like these from River Island. This one-piece swimsuit is perfect for sunbathing on the beach and I love the tropical print. I'd throw on the sheer sleeveless shirt as a cover up and tie my hair up with the printed hair wrap for a complete beach babe look. For chilling around the house and riding on the boat, I'd wear something like this tropical printed romper (are you sensing a tropical leaf theme here?) layered under a sleeveless jacket with some cute sunnies to match. 



It finally feels like summer and like a grizzly bear, I am coming out of hibernation. Sorry Netflix, we can't be best friends anymore. I just can't lay in bed and binge watch an entire season of Sense8 like I used to. I've moved on to bigger, better things. Like paddle boarding, canoeing, day drinking in the park, pretty much anything that involves being out in the sun!  

Of course my new outgoing self needs a new wardrobe to go out in. The entire summer collection from Faithfull the Brand is what I have in mind - lots of color, patterns, breezy silhouettes, and showing off a nice amount of skin. They're also the boss at making a killer off-the-shoulder piece. Like this one, oh and need this one, this isn't even off-the-shoulder but I need it too - I could keep doing this all day! 



If you ever feel the urge to visit Port Townsend, WA, don't even bother. Never heard of the place? I'm not surprised. It's a quiet town on Puget Sound about 2 hours away from Seattle. A couple weeks back I went there with my boyfriend's family so they could scope out vacation homes in the area. I'm not sure what kind of vacation home they had in mind, but I was thinking something some place warm, near a body of water, and with lots to do nearby. Port Townsend has only one of those things. The body of water, obviously. 

I don't want to sound like a total bitch, so I will say this. The town has lots of beautiful Victorian homes and buildings. But that's not enough to keep me coming back every year. You know where I would visit every year? Maui. I wish there was a way to convince my boyfriend's parents to get a vacation home there!