The Reformation rigley dress // Dolce Vita lace top // Call It Spring aseridda boots (gifted) // Zara scarf

It's kind of ridiculous that these are my first pair of over the knee boots, right? The trend has been around for a few seasons and each fall I tell myself I should get a pair. Thanks to Call it Spring, I finally have some killer OTK boots! I'm wearing them here with an a-line dress and bell sleeve top, to really play up the 70's vibes. Can you dig it? 



Ankit pineapple iPhone case (gifted) // a whole lot more of cute Ankit cases 

My iPhone has been naked, exposed, and vulnerable for far too long. I don't know why I decided to take the case off it one day. I guess I was just bored with the look - you know how it goes. Thanks to Ankit, a design house that makes your tech/home/life cuter, my phone is looking fresh and fancy! The pineapple print on my new phone case is so freaking cute! I'm kind of obsessed with pineapples right now, like the rest of the world. If (when) I feel like switching out to a new case I know exactly where to go to get my next one!   



One Teaspoon 2020 skirt // Aritzia racerback tank top // Auxilary saddle bag // Free People wide brimmed hat // Dolce Vita sandals  

I'm currently recovering from a long weekend in Vancouver, a group of us went for my sister's bachelorette party. How I'm even forming semi coherent sentences right now is a mystery to me. So I'm going to have to keep this short! Here are a few photos of this kick ass One Teaspoon skirt that is practically ripped to shreds. 



 Madewell oversized striped shirt (similar) // Aritzia johan skirt // Gorjana mika lariat necklace from Rocks Box // Steve Madden stecy heels // Rebecca Minkoff bag

Lately all my energy has been dumped into work, class, and my sister's wedding. Everything else I've let fall to the wayside. For the past month or so, I haven't felt like exercising, eating healthy, shaving my legs, doing my makeup, wearing any kind of heel no matter how small, or putting any effort into my outfits at all. Not only that, but my blog was down for weeks because I forgot to renew my domain name. OMG I was literally the worst! Enough with the pity party, I'm finally getting my shit back together. As proof, I give you an outfit post! 

This pencil skirt was working overtime back in my I'm-too-stressed-out-to-care phase. I always wore it with a plain white tee and adidas sneaks. Such a comfy outfit, I could probably sleep in it. To break out of my lazy rut, I challenged myself to wear the skirt in a completely different way. I finally put on a pair of heels and toped the outfit off with a striped shirt - unbuttoned quite scandalously - for a polished, put together look. Because if I look put together, then maybe I'll be put together.  



Every summer my friend invites a group of us over to his parents' beach house to wreak havoc on the place for a weekend. Our annual trip is coming up this weekend and I can't wait to get out of the city for a few days! We always spend the first night getting drunk - typical Friday night behavior. The next morning we usually wake up hung over, and head to the beach to paddle board, chill on our floating island, and drink some more. The best part of the weekend though our big crab feast! PNW beaches are god awful for swimming, but the fresh seafood you can catch all summer long totally makes up for it. 

For a weekend full of fun and sun, I'll be packing easy and colorful pieces like these from River Island. This one-piece swimsuit is perfect for sunbathing on the beach and I love the tropical print. I'd throw on the sheer sleeveless shirt as a cover up and tie my hair up with the printed hair wrap for a complete beach babe look. For chilling around the house and riding on the boat, I'd wear something like this tropical printed romper (are you sensing a tropical leaf theme here?) layered under a sleeveless jacket with some cute sunnies to match. 



It finally feels like summer and like a grizzly bear, I am coming out of hibernation. Sorry Netflix, we can't be best friends anymore. I just can't lay in bed and binge watch an entire season of Sense8 like I used to. I've moved on to bigger, better things. Like paddle boarding, canoeing, day drinking in the park, pretty much anything that involves being out in the sun!  

Of course my new outgoing self needs a new wardrobe to go out in. The entire summer collection from Faithfull the Brand is what I have in mind - lots of color, patterns, breezy silhouettes, and showing off a nice amount of skin. They're also the boss at making a killer off-the-shoulder piece. Like this one, oh and need this one, this isn't even off-the-shoulder but I need it too - I could keep doing this all day! 



If you ever feel the urge to visit Port Townsend, WA, don't even bother. Never heard of the place? I'm not surprised. It's a quiet town on Puget Sound about 2 hours away from Seattle. A couple weeks back I went there with my boyfriend's family so they could scope out vacation homes in the area. I'm not sure what kind of vacation home they had in mind, but I was thinking something some place warm, near a body of water, and with lots to do nearby. Port Townsend has only one of those things. The body of water, obviously. 

I don't want to sound like a total bitch, so I will say this. The town has lots of beautiful Victorian homes and buildings. But that's not enough to keep me coming back every year. You know where I would visit every year? Maui. I wish there was a way to convince my boyfriend's parents to get a vacation home there!



Do you hear that? CHOO CHOO - I'm all aboard the flared jeans train! It took me weeks of internet sleuthing to find the perfect pair of flared jeans - high-waisted, tight in all the right places, cool pockets, and a medium blue finish. Once I found these Hudson jeans online, it took me another few weeks to finally pull the trigger. I have conflicting feelings about the whole designer denim thing, okay? Of course I'm very happy with the purchase, or else I would've returned them by now. Since the jeans are so faaancay, I've paired them with a simple white blouse with the coolest pirate sleeves. Kinda bohemian, kinda modern, kinda effortless, you know how it be. 



I'm back from a long, but not long enough, trip to the Philippines! My mother is from Baguio City, so we usually try to make it out once every five years to visit family and what not. This time around I brought along my boyfriend to meet all my aunties, uncles, and cousins. When we weren't doing family stuff - reunion, wedding, baptism - we were out and about exploring the island!    

Sofitel Hotel, Manila: We stayed here for a few days at the beginning and end of our trip and it is seriously the most luxurious place I've ever stayed in Manila. They have an amazing lagoon style pool, big ass breakfast buffet, and fluffy soft beds. It was exactly what I needed before and after a grueling flight across the globe.

Pugad, La Union: I don't know why, maybe I was feeling brave, but I had my heart set on zip lining through the mountains while we were in the Philippines. Pugad was the perfect place to do it! They have three sets of zip lines set up so the entire adventure park could look up and see me screaming my ass off as I zipped past them. They also have ATVs, paintball, a zoo, and like ten different pools. It was the perfect place to spend a day with both my young and not so young cousins!  

Bomod-ok Falls, Sagada: In the many years that I've been going to the Philippines and of all the places I've seen, Sagada is hands down my favorite spot. It even beats the white sand beaches of Palawan in my book! It's a small, spiritual town that works hard to preserve tradition and culture despite being a popular tourist spot. It's so refreshing to experience, if only for a moment, a way of life that is so opposite to mine.       

Hundred Islands, Alaminos: I can't visit the Philippines without going to the beach! Although it's not quite as picturesque as Palawan, it was fun to spend a day island hopping, swimming with the fish, and soaking up the sun. 

Since this post is way too long already, I'll just leave you with a few quick tips to keep in mind if you ever visit the Philippines - which you obviously should. Don't drink the water. Don't eat raw oysters, or any other seemingly delicious raw seafood. Leave your heels at home. Spend a few more pesos on hiring a driver, it's worth it. When in doubt, buy an extra suitcase to bring your souvenirs home in. 



Happy hump day lovers and friends! Today my boyfriend and I officially celebrate our five year anniversary! Although, we already did plenty of celebrating over the weekend during our vacation in Palm Springs. By celebrating, I mean we mostly sat by the pool and drank fruity cocktails. What else is there to do in Palm Springs? That's a little harsh, there's actually some fun stuff to do in Palm Springs. Here are few of my favorite, non-pool-related activities from our trip:

Stuffing my face. The food scene in Palm Springs is a lot better than I remember. Or perhaps, eating on a sunny patio makes all food taste better? At any rate, Workshop Kitchen + Bar had some amazing cocktails. I had two rounds of the Matador - tequila with sweet pineapple and spicy serrano chile - and was feeling real good the rest of the night. For food, Copley's was my absolute favorite. The ambiance was romantic, the food was fresh, and the toffee & date english sticky pudding was so good I could slap myself.        

Acting wild in the west. Pioneer town is a fun little spot about 45 minutes outside of Palm Springs. This ghost town was once a living movie set, the outside served as a location for western films and the inside was open to the public as bowling alleys, motels, etc. Now, it's a cool place to take photos and practice your best outlaw impersonation. Pappy & Harriets, the local bar, is also a great spot to hear about juicy folklore from back in the day. 

Relaxing at the spa. Of course no vacation would be complete without a trip to the spa. I'm talking massage, sauna, watsu pool, cucumber water, the whole nine yards!

Sound Bath. We didn't actually get to experience the sound bath at Integratron this time around, as they were closed. But, I did it a few years ago and it was... indescribable. The whole history behind Integratron is fucking insane. It involves extraterrestrial beings, a geomagnetic vortex, and a mysterious death (possibly related to the CIA). Needless to say, if you're ever in Palm Springs, you have to try it!