DV by Dolce Vita valka jacket // J. Crew striped long sleeve tee // Leith chambray shirt // A&F skinny jeans // Dolce Vita hartley boots // Coach mini tanner bag 

Every time I wear this jacket, I feel like such a typical Seattlite. I was even going to go all out and wear my Birkenstocks with some hiking socks. But then I thought nah... I don't want to get my sandals all wet and muddy. I care for them that much.  



Vintage blazer // Wilfred libre t-shirt // AE braided belt // DVF sunglasses // DIY jeans // Dolce Vita pumps // American Apparel small leather pouch 

It's DIY season y'all! In the spring, my sister and I love driving out of the city to hit up the flea markets in search of DIY projects. There's nothing but fresh air, sunshine, and bins upon bins of junk to dig through - I can't wait to get back out there! 

I've already warmed up my DIY muscles with this easy denim refresh. I got the idea by being insanely bored with all the skinny jeans in my closet, but not wanting to buy anything new. So I took an old pair of jeans and cut about a three inch slit on both sides. I love how it gives my jeans just a hint of disheveled grunginess!

Have you done any DIY projects recently? I'd love to see! 



I had no idea something called the Leibster Award ever existed, until Carla from The Beauty Break nominated me - thanks boo! This kinda reminds me of those chain letters that were so popular about ten years ago. You know, they went something like: "Forward this letter to ten people and your crush will ask you out!" Those were annoying, but this is so much fun!

Read on the see what all the commotion is about.



I feel like winter is like that one friend who always hangs around too long at your house parties. Everyone else is long gone, but there's your friend, on her 20th drink droning on about some sob story. I mean, it's been fun but seriously... GTFO already! Which is why I have to make an escape right around this time each year lest I go all psycho on everyone around me.

This year the BF and I chose Barbados for our vacay and it was such a blast! I obviously spent a lot of time getting tan and drunk. I'll have my guide to the island up later this week, but until then feel free to live vicariously through these photos from my phone!

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