Vintage dress // Dolce Vita fanta heels

Oh Seattle, you disappoint me. On Tuesday night, I got dolled up to see The Book of Mormon at the Paramount Theatre. I mean, it's not every day that I get to see a sold out, Tony Award winning musical. So I wanted to look nice, but not too nice because I live in a very casual city. I wore a simple black dress, accentuated with a few gold accessories, and a summery heel. I knew I would be just a tad overdressed. I'm the kind of person who will find any reason to dress up. (As in: We're going to Dominos for pizza? Let me get my heels!) When I get to the theatre, what do I find to my utter shock and dismay? Jeans. Jeans everywhere and gat damn flip flops too. It's not often that I'm embarrassed or disappointed with my city, but that night... Literally. I. Can't. Even. 

Anyways, here are my thoughts on the show:
First off, the music was unbelievably catchy. I couldn't stop myself from singing "hello, my name is Elder Price" over and over the whole walk home. The production was also top notch. I was surprised at how they reinvented the space with lighting, rotating sets, and props that glided in and out of view. The story is good, exactly what you would expect from the makers of South Park. It's funny in an offensive way. The characters get into trouble, they find a way out of trouble, and they learn a valuable lesson along the way. 

Bottom line: If you can get tickets, definitely go see it! There were a few still available during the week day showings, last I checked. If not, watch this video and wait for the movie to come out.   



I'm not sure how I became so obsessed with bodysuits. Maybe one day I was looking for something new to layer with. Or maybe one day Jane Fonda crawled into my head and whispered "work that waist!" Either way I'm now the proud owner of two bodysuits and am already looking for a third to wear in the fall. I just love how they show off a sliver of skin in a mildly inappropriate way.   



Free People panama hat // DV by Dolce Vita chesmu dress // Zara mules 

I wore this dress out to grab dinner with friends and it ended up being a life saver! We were eating out at Little Water Cantina because their deck is amazing and like all sun-worshipping Seattleites, we absolutely had to sit outside. So there we were, the sun was shining, there were no clouds in sight, and I was covered in sweat before I could even put my bag down. I'm not even exaggerating. Over the course of our dinner, I went to the bathroom twice. Not to do bathroom stuff, but to wipe off the sweat puddles that would slowly accumulate between my boobs and on my belly. So if I was such a hot mess, how in the world did this dress save me? Well my friends, it could have been a lot worse. I could have been wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans. So I was lucky (or maybe smart) to have worn something that would conceal sweat marks and let my skin breath as much as possible in the stifling heat. Now the asymmetrical tan I got on the right side of my body? There was no way around that. 



Mango oversized long shirt // Robert Rodriguez flounce skirt // Shoe Cult bella sandal // American Apparel large carry-all pouch // DVF sunglasses 
Is anyone else stressing over the fact that we're halfway through July already? Which means August is just around the corner, and before you can say "hand me the sun block" summer is already over!! What have I even been doing this past month and a half? I honestly don't know. I can tell you what I haven't been doing. I haven't gone on a road trip. I haven't been tubing in Leavenworth. I haven't done a BBQ in the park. Or gone to a pool party. Hell, I've only worn my swim suit once this whole time! I need to get off my ass and away from my computer. Starting this weekend, I'm committing myself to at least one fun outing each weekend. Now who's with me?!?! Let the summer games begin!



Nordstrom moto vest (similar here) // Zara cropped t-shirt // Vintage lace slip // Birkenstock Arizona sandals 

I guess only the top half of me wanted to get dressed today! The bottom half is still at home on the couch watching Battle Star Galactica. I really am loving this effortless combination of a silk slip with pool slides. I think it's a nice way of looking put together, when in reality you're just a lazy bum.  



 Tildon blazer // Aritzia mesh top // Aritzia berklee skort // Steve Madden stecy heel // Nixon kensington watch 

No accidental flashings going on today world. I've got my skort on. 



Ugh, I love shopping at Aritzia. Every time I stop in, it feels like I'm a college kid coming home for the weekend. All the girls are so friendly, so stylish, and so so helpful. Which is why I don't even get upset when I spend waay too much money there come sale season! Anyways, it looks like I got these shorts and tank just in time, because the temps hit the mid 80's yesterday. That's pretty freakin' hot for Seattle! Dressing for hot summer days is always a huge struggle because honestly, the less I wear the less cute I look.   



Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July! I had a little too much fun, which is why I'm being super lazy and reposting photos from my instagram rather than creating some new content. I spent the last few days at a beach house with friends drinking, stuffing my face, blowing stuff up, and drinking some more. I also got stung by a bee, freaked the fuck out, cried, and got stung again. So needless to say, mama needs her rest and probably some sort of detox cleanse.