I'm back with day two of my hair care routine! How I even found time to post this video between work and holiday shopping? I really don't know. But I am so glad that it's finally up! I went through a lot of pain making this video. No really, I burned my face a little with my curling wand while filming. Obviously that part did not make it into the final cut, no one needs to see me cry like a baby. 



OMG, it's been for-ev-er since I've done a video and man am I rusty! I've teamed up with my friends at SEVEN salon to create a series of tutorials on how to care for thick curly hair like mine. Here's the first out of three videos, I hope you enjoy it!



Anne Klein walker coat // Cythina Steffe briella knit dress // Zara metallic ankle strap pumps

Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending a dear friend's wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, I got all teary eyed during the vows like I always do. Part of me was emotional over the candid and raw display of emotions between the bride and groom. The other part of me was envious crying out, I want that to be meeee! God, I'm such a bitch. 

On the way home from the wedding I asked my boyfriend, "So, when will we be getting married?" This isn't the first time I've popped the question, far from it. I used to be all sly about it. Every day for like a month, I would leave my computer screen on with my browser window opened to my secret wedding Pinterest board. Just so he would see it every time he walked by my computer. Another time I was trying on wedding dresses -- for a photo shoot I was helping with. Wait, did you think I was trying them on for myself? I'm not that crazy! I did however, text my boyfriend a picture of my favorite dress asking if he thought it was pretty and if I should save it for the near future. 

If the idea of proposing to the love of your life, which I obviously am, wasn't stressful enough. I'm sure my constant pestering is making it ten times worse! 



Sometimes I like to go for a swim... inside my clothes. Forget about all that tight, form fitting stuff for a minute. I mean, I sit at a desk all day. The only form I have is that of the Hunch Back of Notre Dame! So, I feel absolutely no remorse in hiding my figure under three layers of oversized clothing. 

The top I'm wearing is by my all time favorite brand Cameo the Label. It has all the glory, intrigue, and excitement of a circus tent. The jeans are actual men's jeans - like from the men's section. 



Holy shit balls, was it windy out, just look at my hair flying around! Anyways, I'm making an effort to wear more prints and colors these days. Because, as cool as an all black outfit is, it can get pretty boring.  



 Endless Rose floral embroidered crop top // Aritzia capucine t-shirt // Endless Rose floral bomber jacket // Aritzia harvey pant // Dolce Vita selina cap-toe pump  

My layering game is going on strong I tell ya! This may sound silly but, nothing makes me feel more stylish than knowing I'm wearing way more clothing than needed. Two tops and a jacket? Hells yes.  



 Madewell oversized button-down shirt // Finders Keepers one step ahead bustier // French Connection estelle pants // Dolce Vita heels

Lord knows I love a good sale! So when I saw Fashion BNKR was clearing out some spring inventory, I went a little crazy. Why would I be buying spring stuff in the fall? I can't resist sale prices, for one. And second, Australian fashion labels are really good at making trans-seasonal pieces. Like this floral bustier from the Finders Keepers spring collection, which doubles as a great layering piece for fall. Also, I just noticed the price went down even further after I bought it - ugh, I hate when that happens!



 Zara bodysuit // Gap sexy boyfriend jeans // Tildon white blazer // Dolce Vita niven heels

I'm finally emerging from under my little rock! So much has happened over the past few weeks - I got a new job, my sister got engaged, I've been traveling every weekend. I don't want anyone to get shipped off to jelly school so I won't say much more about it. Except that one week I went without wearing heels, and I wasn't even mad about it!

Anyways, let's talk about my outfit. I don't own very many pairs of jeans, I have maybe three that I actually like to wear. I know, I'm as surprised as you are. These boyfriend jeans are hands down my favorite pair. Add on some sort of slinky top and that's all I need for fall. I'm kind of done with skinny jeans for the moment. I want my pants baggin' and saggin'. If they turn my boyfriend off, I know I've found a great pair!  



Over Labor Day weekend I attended the largest wedding I have ever been to in Vancouver, BC. Five hundred people were at the reception, FIVE HUNDRED! I only wish I were that popular... 

Anyways, the BF and I decided to make a whole weekend out of it and stay in Vancouver until Monday. It seemed like we would have a nice long weekend to enjoy some sights but after all the wedding festivities, we really only had one day to explore. Here's how we spent our day in Canada: 
11:30 am // Brunch at The Oakwood. We found this place on yelp - I can only go to a new restaurant if it passes my yelp test. The food was finger lickin' good! I ordered the open face corn beef sandwich with over easy eggs. I gave half of my sandwich to my sister in exchange for half of her lemon marscapone french toast with blueberry compote. And we washed it all down with coffees and mimosas. Are you drooling yet, because I am!  

1:30 pm // Telus World of Science. It was raining on and off the whole afternoon. So instead of walking around shopping, like I had originally planned, we sought refuge from the rain at the Telus World of Science. Even though the place was crawling with kids, I had so much fun nerding out! The Body Works gallery was definitely my favorite - the sexual education portion in particular. They had a video game where you play a sperm whose mission is to race against all the other sperm to the egg! While we were playing it, a kid wandered up and started asking us all these questions. So awkward. 

3:30 pm // Bike around Stanley Park. Later in the afternoon the sun finally came out and we were able to rent bikes to tour the waterfront. The whole bike ride around Stanley park took us about three hours, with a pit stop for food. If it were a really nice day out I would have loved to spend the whole day at Stanley Park. We could have stopped to take more pictures along the way, spent a few hours at the beach or the salt water pool, and had a nice dinner while watching the sun go down. So romantic!

5:00 pm // Early Dinner at the Tea House. The Tea House is like the only restaurant around once you get halfway through your bike ride. Good thing it's actually a really nice restaurant with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Bad thing I showed up a sweaty mess! I ordered the seared tuna salad and some tequila drink (make it a double!) which was just what I needed.   

8:00 pm // Richmond Night Market. I've heard so much hype about the night markets in Canada that I was super skeptical about checking it out. Things rarely live up to their hype, you know. I probably sound like a grumpy old man but, it was okay. The area was super crowded and the food a little over priced. I got some bubble tea, buffalo flavored rotato, and takoyaki. About one bite into the takoyaki I started to feel really sick. I ate it all anyways and then high tailed it back to the hotel where we got drunk off the mini bar while watching tv. 

Where we stayed: We splurged on the super swanky Fairmont Pacific Rim, which I often confused with the Pan Pacific. Each room comes with an iPad that can control everything from lights, to curtains, to maid service! Also the beds are literally a dream, so fluffy and soft. Also, they have a great rooftop pool/deck area that we didn't get to enjoy. And the lounge at the lobby was overflowing with people and live bands every night - it must be the place to go. On the downside the place is not all inclusive and they will nickel and dime you every chance they can. Parking cost extra, wi-fi costs extra (in this day and age?!), a cot for your drunk sister who can't drive home costs extra. 



Happy hump day friends! Today I'm teaming up with the lovely lades at Fresh Tangerine to give away a set of three stacking ringsI'm all about delicate jewelry - the kind that you wear so often it becomes part of your skin - and that's what Fresh Tangerine does best! From geometric rings to gemstone necklaces, these are the kind of accessories I would never want to take off. All of their pieces are hand made right here in Seattle, Pioneer Square to be exact. Literally walking distance from my apartment, which I found out last week when I toured their beautiful studio space. If you're in the area, definitely stop by to try on a few pieces! 

Here's how to enter:
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That's it! The giveaway ends on Wednesday, August 27th at midnight so hurry up and enter already!  

Giveaway Terms & Conditions: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. To enter you must follow @prettyslickchick and @freshtangerine on Instagram and tag 2 friends in the comment section of the photo. The giveaway will start Wednesday, August 20 and end Wednesday August 27. Winner will be announced on Instagram on Thursday, August 28 and contacted by direct message. Winner will receive 3 stacking rings, in the size and metal of their choice. Giveaway open to U.S. residents only. 



 Topshop floral blazer // Zara bodysuit // Dolce Vita floral skirt // Dolce Vita kana heels // Free People straw panama hat 

I've been relying very heavily on black and white outfits lately. I'm sure you've noticed while scrolling through my recent outfit posts and thought, geez, a little color won't kill you, you know. First of all, you sound just like my mom, and second, I totally agree with you! So today I'm breaking the cycle and wearing color and pattern - in the most loud, obnoxious way possible to boot.     



 Pixie Market dress // Vintage jean jacket // Zara mules // Pour la Victoire elie mini cross body 

Happy Monday loves! Was anyone else super sleepy this entire weekend? I'm thinking it was the heat and the super moon, that I obviously did not see because I was KTFO. Anyways, I've been living in little dresses lately and the neckline on this one is just too sweet.   



Vintage silk pajama blouse (similar) // Mikkat Market snake print skirt  // Nike free run sneakers 

I don't know what to say, I'm in a style slump! Here we are in the throes of summer, and yet, all the fashion world can talk about is fall, fall, fall. Should I take the plunge on those sandals I've been eyeing all summer long? (Hey, they're 50% off!) Or should I skip it (How often would I be able to wear them anyways?) and go straight for the duster coat? Like Natalie Imbruglia, I'm torn. In my fragile state, I've lost all inspiration for dressing cute the rest of the summer. Case in point: I wore sneakers out to grab drinks with a few local bloggers the other night. Sneakers. Normal me would've definitely worn heels! How do you guys get over a style slump? Short of a sandy, tropical vacation, I'd love to hear what some of your solutions are!



Vintage dress // Dolce Vita fanta heels

Oh Seattle, you disappoint me. On Tuesday night, I got dolled up to see The Book of Mormon at the Paramount Theatre. I mean, it's not every day that I get to see a sold out, Tony Award winning musical. So I wanted to look nice, but not too nice because I live in a very casual city. I wore a simple black dress, accentuated with a few gold accessories, and a summery heel. I knew I would be just a tad overdressed. I'm the kind of person who will find any reason to dress up. (As in: We're going to Dominos for pizza? Let me get my heels!) When I get to the theatre, what do I find to my utter shock and dismay? Jeans. Jeans everywhere and gat damn flip flops too. It's not often that I'm embarrassed or disappointed with my city, but that night... Literally. I. Can't. Even. 

Anyways, here are my thoughts on the show:
First off, the music was unbelievably catchy. I couldn't stop myself from singing "hello, my name is Elder Price" over and over the whole walk home. The production was also top notch. I was surprised at how they reinvented the space with lighting, rotating sets, and props that glided in and out of view. The story is good, exactly what you would expect from the makers of South Park. It's funny in an offensive way. The characters get into trouble, they find a way out of trouble, and they learn a valuable lesson along the way. 

Bottom line: If you can get tickets, definitely go see it! There were a few still available during the week day showings, last I checked. If not, watch this video and wait for the movie to come out.