Dolce Vita Xie coat // Vintage fuzzy sweater // H&M faux leather leggings // Dolce Vita Kitt boot // Stella and Dot snake necklace 

I love wine this time of year. Both the liquid and the color. Wine, the liquid, is delicious, good for your health, and a glass (or two) right before bed puts me in the best sleep ever! And wine, the color, I like to think of as red's dark and edgy sister. Adding a little pop of the color or going nearly monochrome like I did can make an outfit rich, bold, opulent, warm, aromatic, luscious, full-bodied... wait, is this starting to sound like food porn?!  



I love the baggy, slouchy look that is tomboy style. It says, "I don't care... but I do care." You know what I mean? 



Vintage shaggy cardigan (similar here) // Aritzia racerback tank // BDG ripped jeans // Dolce Vita Karis pumps // Crack Head beanie from the drug store

It's a typical gloomy day here in Seattle. The kind where I take one look outside and think, yeah...I'm not going out today. And then I hunker down on the couch with enough anime and ramen to get me through the long haul. Which is why these photos were shot a whopping two steps outside my apartment in the emergency stairwell. With, I might add, my most prized vintage find - my shaggy cardigan.    



 Banana Republic wool hat // Vintage DKNY sweater // Vintage tartan midi skirt // Zara shiny leather heels // Nasty Gal midi rings

I'm starting to notice that I have a lot of vintage skirts in my closet. I've found so many great ones while digging through Goodwill. When thrifting, I always look for quality fabrics, interesting colors, and classic prints. 

Then when someone asks me, "that's a great skirt, where's it from?" I get a strange feeling of satisfaction that borders on smugness when I reply, "it's vintage." As in, it's probably one of a kind so don't even...



Just got back from a week long trip to Maui! I wish I could say I was a good tourist, going everywhere and taking pictures of everything, but I wasn't. I just chilled by the beach or the pool the whole time. And I ate A LOT. Oh, and I got a nice relaxing massage. And I drank a lot too. Okay, I'll stop now... don't want to make anyone jealous!