ASOS Ovoid coat with faux fur collar // Vintage Nordstrom silk shirt // Aritzia Rondeau skirt // Dolcetta wegdes 

What are my New Years resolutions, you ask? I'm sure you're dying to know. 
Do cool stuff.
Go to fun places.
Get another tattoo.

I like to over simplify things. Happy New Year y'all! 



Outtakes from our 'family' photo, I'm glad my dog is sooo photogenic...



DV by Dolce Vita Rutilda faux fur jacket (similar here) // Vintage slip dress and silk maxi skirt // Dolce Vita Kana pump // Another Line corset belt 

I am so proud of myself for not running out to buy a new dress for my friend's annual Christmas party. Buying things for myself during the holidays makes me feel a little guilty, especially when I'm broke as a joke.   



 Anne Klein Walker coat // Aritzia Privas sweater // Vintage lace slip // Dolce Vita Rosetta pump (similar here) // BCBG Ear Cuff 

Last week, I turned 25... a quarter of a century old. And suddenly, I'm super sensitive about my age. What the fack have I been doing with my life?!?! I had plans - life plans -and they've all fallen through. Not gonna lie, I was a little depressed las week. But, I hear no one has their shit together until they turn 30. Right??? That's what I'll keep telling myself for the next five years.  



Um... I like snake print. It's cool. Okay, back to my carb and sugar induced nap.



 Dolce Vita Xie coat // Vintage fuzzy sweater // H&M faux leather leggings // Dolce Vita Kitt boot // Stella and Dot snake necklace 

I love wine this time of year. Both the liquid and the color. Wine, the liquid, is delicious, good for your health, and a glass (or two) right before bed puts me in the best sleep ever! And wine, the color, I like to think of as red's dark and edgy sister. Adding a little pop of the color or going nearly monochrome like I did can make an outfit rich, bold, opulent, warm, aromatic, luscious, full-bodied... wait, is this starting to sound like food porn?!  



I love the baggy, slouchy look that is tomboy style. It says, "I don't care... but I do care." You know what I mean? 



Vintage shaggy cardigan (similar here) // Aritzia racerback tank // BDG ripped jeans // Dolce Vita Karis pumps // Crack Head beanie from the drug store

It's a typical gloomy day here in Seattle. The kind where I take one look outside and think, yeah...I'm not going out today. And then I hunker down on the couch with enough anime and ramen to get me through the long haul. Which is why these photos were shot a whopping two steps outside my apartment in the emergency stairwell. With, I might add, my most prized vintage find - my shaggy cardigan.    



 Banana Republic wool hat // Vintage DKNY sweater // Vintage tartan midi skirt // Zara shiny leather heels // Nasty Gal midi rings

I'm starting to notice that I have a lot of vintage skirts in my closet. I've found so many great ones while digging through Goodwill. When thrifting, I always look for quality fabrics, interesting colors, and classic prints. 

Then when someone asks me, "that's a great skirt, where's it from?" I get a strange feeling of satisfaction that borders on smugness when I reply, "it's vintage." As in, it's probably one of a kind so don't even...



Just got back from a week long trip to Maui! I wish I could say I was a good tourist, going everywhere and taking pictures of everything, but I wasn't. I just chilled by the beach or the pool the whole time. And I ate A LOT. Oh, and I got a nice relaxing massage. And I drank a lot too. Okay, I'll stop now... don't want to make anyone jealous! 



Vintage Denim Jacket // DV by Dolce Vita Deidra lace top // Vintage Pleated Skirt // Dolce Vita Sue snakeskin pump (similar here)

I've been seeing a lot of lady-like pink on all my favorite style inspiration sites lately. Not being too keen on either pink or lady-like dressing, I thought I'd give the look a go. However, I couldn't resist throwing on a denim jacket and beanie for a little tomboy flare.